yaoicreator (yaoicreator) wrote in amadeus_mozart,

Amadeus - Salieri/Mozart RP

Hello Fellow Amadeus-files!

I would like to post a request for a Salieri/Mozart RP! If anyone is up for some creative work regarding the movie and the pairing, please message me!

I'm a long-time rp'er in a variety of genres, and I've been looking for an opportunity to explore the relationship between these two for a long while now. I rp only m/m slash (yaoi), and I prefer playing the submissive of the pair, although I always strive to keep true to the feel of the character that I choose to play as. I rp in paragraph-form, and I love adding a lot of description and depth to the rp, so that we can feel all the emotions and events that unfold! I like the whole spectrum of genres: action, adventure, fluff, smut, angst, conflict, etc… and usually some elements of them all appear in my plots. However, if you’d like to focus on a particular theme/atmosphere, then I’d love to work that out with you. Other than that, there isn’t much to say about creating the plot before actually talking to you as my partner xD so I’m sure we’ll figure it all out!

‘Adios’! And I hope that we’ll get to chat soon!

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